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Quoteable quotes..

"To hear anything performed to that standard is a real treat." - Hazel C.


"We enjoyed the concert very much, your playing was sooo together, a lovely

evening." - Pat N


"For me, your duo was one of the high-lights." - Shelagh T, Bowes Museum, County Durham. International Guitar Festival.


"It was a wonderful unforgettable evening!" - Mike H.


"The Panormo duo’s playing of these hidden little gems is truly remarkable; precise yet fluid, with a beautiful tone; demonstrating why Panormo was London’s most successful guitar maker ever. But then, with the backing and approval of Dr Brian Jeffrey, this is hardly surprising. Simply brilliant!"

- Dr James Westbrook, The University of Cambridge & The Guitar Museum, Brighton (writing about the duo's recording of selections from "Seis Duos" by Ferandiere on Soundcloud).