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About the instruments..

Wendy’s guitar was made in 1834 by Louis Panormo, the most famous member of the family. Many of his excellent instruments are still played today. Louis’ label reads, “The only Maker of Guitars in the Spanish Style” and “Guitars of every description from 2 to 15 Guineas”.

Chris’s guitar was made in 1855 by George Lewis Panormo, Louis’ nephew. He took over the business before Louis emigrated to New Zealand in 1859. George’s label reads, “The original maker of Guitars in the Spanish Style”.

The Panormo Duo


The Panormo family made their distinctive guitars in London for sixty years.

The start of the nineteenth century saw an upsurge of activity in serious composition for the guitar spurred on by developing instrument design. Guitars with six single strings emerged during the 1790’s and these instruments were better able to produce the focussed sound and sustain necessary for the musical requirements of the period. The makers Lacote (France), Fabricatore (Italy) and Stauffer (Austria) built instruments that were highly prized by the foremost players of the day. All these makers experimented tirelessly with their designs but it was the Spanish makers, notably Pages, that started using fan-bracing under the soundboard. This is largely what Louis Panormo was referring to when his label stated “The only Maker of Guitars in the Spanish Style”. The earliest known Panormo guitar with fan-bracing was made in the early 1820's and they continued to be made until the death of George Lewis Panormo in 1877.

Both instruments were restored to playing condition by Gary Southwell.

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