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After the guitar’s coming of age there was a rise in activity among guitar composers at the start of the 19th century. The composers Sor, Carulli, Giuliani, Lhoyer, Da Fossa, Diabelli and Mertz, among others, all composed for two guitars.

The influences on these composers were wide ranging and included the great orchestral composers of that time. Sor arranged music by Mozart for solo guitar and wrote the famous op. 9 variations on a theme from Mozart’s Magic Flute. Carulli arranged music by Beethoven and Haydn for two guitars and Da Fossa made nine substantial duos by arranging movements from Haydn’s early string quartets. Giuliani arranged Mozart’s Clemenza di Tito and overtures by Rossini and other contemporary composers for two guitars.

Carulli and Giuliani started out as cellists and were skilled in writing for orchestra. Sor also was a noted composer of ballets. Da Fossa wrote chamber music for strings which included guitar and Diabelli was also a pianist. The majority of guitar composers had an orthodox musical training.

However, in this period some of the most compelling music for guitar duo was written primarily for guitars. We are indeed fortunate that our young instrument was in such capable hands. The Panormo Duo takes great delight in exploring this repertoire.

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"Music has to live under our fingers, under our eyes, in our hearts and in our brains with all that we, the living, can offer it."

Dinu Lipatti on interpretation of music from past eras.


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